I’d say I’m a middle-of-the-road reader: I like to read but thanks to ADHD rarely get to finish a whole book. That said, there are some that have really kept my attention and seemed to get their message stuck in my head.

  • The 4-Hour Work Week – I think this is a controversial book now? Or maybe Tim Ferriss is controversial now? I’m not sure as I haven’t paid a lot of attention. I read this right out of college and it was a great book for learning how to value your time and work better, not harder. I think it’s an especially poignant book for someone coming out of college because you’ll be thrust into a workforce that doesn’t really give you the opportunity to speak up for yourself while you work your way up, so learning some of the things Ferriss gives here can help give you some kind of subversive energy to reclaim your time where you can.
  • Delievered from Distraction – If you think you have ADHD please read this book. It’s written by two doctors that also have ADHD so they get it. I read through this book sobbing the majority of the time because so many pieces of my life finally made sense.
  • Come as You Are – This book is one of the books you’ll hear about any time you mention sexuality online and for a good reason. I picked it up when I had a sexual awakening (fuck, I hate that phrase but can’t think of a better one) at 38 and it really helped me get over some internalized misogyny and stigmas I had.
  • A Happy Pocket Full of Money – This book is a little on the “manifest all the things!” side but I love that it adds a little practicality between money mindset and the way our thoughts affect our actions. I think that it’s a great book for those who want to look into how they can create a more positive outlook on finances without getting all toxic positivity about it.
  • Your Money or Your Life – Looking back, if I had to pick something that turned me onto becoming a financial writer for hire because of my passion for the subject, it was this. This book completely changed my financial outlook on life and made me realize how much money I was spending just to work for a job I hated. I can’t write too much here because it’ll just open a floodgate for my endlessly fan-girling over it so just trust me: read this and realize how fucked your finances really are.
  • Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! – This is another about money mindset and I wasn’t sure if I’d put it here. However, I was reading it one day while waiting for my husband to finish physical therapy and hit on some passage (sorry I can’t rememeber which) where a switch flipped in my head. I realized that, okay deep breath because I’m about to sound bougie AF but, I was never going to be the person who enjoyed cleaning their house and I was sick of making myself feel bad about it. This book, somewhere and indirectly, gave me the permission to stop feeling less-than because I couldn’t fit into this mold of who I thought I should be and instead focus my effort on the things I was good at. Consequently, we’ve hired cleaners who come twice a month and are really way more reasonably-priced than I thought. Now my house is clean and I feel less depressed over who I just can’t be.
  • Making Faces – If for only the dream of being better at makeup. It’s a fun book to use as an escape.