How to Add Sparkle to Your New Year's Eve Outfit
Silver Toned Rhinestone Fur Clip

I feel like New Year’s Eve is one of the few occasions where it’s socially acceptable to be as blingy as possible. I mean, even the party favors are usually shiny and full of sparkles! Steve and I are pretty low key when it comes to the festivities, mostly due to impending snow-ins, but that doesn’t stop me from wishlisting amazing New Year’s Eve outfit and accessories.

How to Add Sparkle to Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

I wanted to create a few ideas for those of you who are heading out to celebrate and want to make a statement, be it subtle with accessories, or all out with stunning dresses and full-on outfits. Check it out:

Subtle Sparkly Accessory Ideas

Statement Pieces to Add Some Sparkle to Your Outfit

Full-On Sparkly Outfits

(I clearly had a LOT of fun picking out things for this list!)