I love Halloween; it gives me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles in the quest for an original Halloween costume. I try really hard not to just buy the cheaply-made-yet-ridiculously-expensive pre-made costumes, especially since I know I’ll only use them once or twice a year.

How can you get the perfect Halloween costume this year without looking like everyone else (or spending a ton of money on cheap crap)? I found a bunch of AMAZING stock photos for inspiration, including some traditional costume ideas and one for dudes. Click the links below each image to build a replica costume!

Original Halloween Costume Ideas

Just as a heads up, the links to products are the closest I could find, unfortunately, I don’t know the exact items used in each image.

Looking for even more costume ideas for Halloween? Check up my Halloween Costume Roundup (which includes my safe-for-work Pop Art cartoon costume I made last year!)