Ugh, right? There’s always someone on your gifting list who you’d rather kick into a volcano than have to deal with, but stupid societal niceties require you to smile and give them a token of thanks this year.

Whether they’re holding your livelihood hostage, are the in-law you were always afraid of, or seem to have a sense of self-righteousness about how you parent your child (or pet…looking at you, former doggy daycare bitchy dude), I’ve got you covered with a few gift ideas for people you hate that are minimal effort, but aren’t passive-aggressive enough to start a war.

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Gift Ideas for People You Hate:

Gifts for Crappy Bosses

gift ideas for people you hate like crappy bosses

Gifts for Snarky Administrators

gift ideas for people you hate like snarky administrators

Gifts for People Who Hold Some Power in Your Life

gift ideas for people you hate
  • Donation to the Human Fund – A Seinfeld classic and may actually have the ability to get a laugh from their stupid jerk faces.
  • Subscription to the New Yorker – This is one of my favorite gifts because it seems lovely, but really, you’re just stressing them out with the feeling of more things to read and do.

Gifts for Overbearing Parents and In-Laws

  • Plants – Yes, you can buy plants on Amazon (I’ve actually had great luck with it!). Send them something alive that they can focus their attention on instead of you.
  • Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair – Snarky? Yes. Worth it? Always.
  • Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set – Looks fancy, isn’t expensive and didn’t take you much time or effort.

Gifts for Coworkers So You Aren’t Ostracized from Work Events