This Chicago travel diary is way back in the archives but I decided to bring it back as it’s one of the few times my Mom and I traveled together as adults (note: she’s still alive, I didn’t mean it in a past tense way, except that she now lives in Florida so we don’t get together often).

Chicago, IL Travel Diary

We went for the Renegade Craft Fair. Me, to exhibit for my soap + candle line, Mom to tag along and be my pee break buddy. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any shots of my old booth or products at the show. So the Sears Tower (or whatever its called now) will have to suffice.

While this was for all intents and purposes a “work trip” Mom and I still made the best of it: eating deep dish pizza (as one does), buying lots of handmade items (I think I still have a scarf around here somewhere from that show…or maybe it got KonMari’d out), and trying not to fall asleep when driving across Ohio as I drove her back to Pittsburgh.

Yes, I totally stood on the SkyDeck. For some reason, heights don’t bother me (many many other things do). Which is probably why I want to skydive so much…

Chicago Travel Diary
Unintentionally artsy AF