There’s something that’s been in my head the past week or so, and that something is my closet.

Or rather, the stuff hanging in my closet.

I’m about to switch out my winter wardrobe with my spring/summer pieces. But there’s a section that rarely gets switched out based on the season: my “fancy” section.

The fancy section is the collection of froo-froo dresses that I’ve picked up because I couldn’t help it. But I don’t have many occasions to wear any of them. Now that I’m 36, pretty much all of my friend circle has either had their first fancy wedding and are moving onto “more subdued wedding #2” so upscale weddings are out. We also are rarely (uh, never) invited to black-tie galas, so that’s out, too.

But I still love my fancy section, and then I had an idea:

We’re all stuck inside now thanks to COVID-19. And I don’t know about you, but my sweatpants selection has begun to dwindle. I should really just burn my fuzzy slipper germ traps. So it’s time to get out of this funk, and I am dragging you with me to the fancy section.


On April 11, 2020, you are cordially invited to dust off your fancy section and take it out for a spin on “All Dressed Up and No Place to Go Day.” Put your makeup on, spray that perfume that never gets used, give your fake eyelashes a go, and model those outfits that never get enough love.

On April 11, I’ll be posting my outfits on my Instagram Stories and I would love to see yours, too! Use the hashtag #alldressedup2020 and invite your friends to join because we all need to get a little glammed up, even if we’re stuck inside.

You can also use these images to share this post with your friends (don’t forget the link!! Let’s do this together and create a movement off of the couch and into some stilettos.