About Tea and Anarchy

Hey, I’m Megan

Hair color subject to change. Black clothing, not so much.

Married, woman, late 30’s, pet mom, transplant to Upstate NY. My day job is as a freelance writer and marketing strategist. My Adderall-induced side gig is blogging about home decor, marketing, and other things. “Tea and Anarchy” isn’t meant to be anything in particular besides a place to catalog the things that interest me and the ramblings in my brain.

Where’d you get that name from?

I wish I could say it’s from my rock ‘n roll lifestyle but alas, I must attribute it to my love of history fun facts.

“Tea and Anarchy” was a phrase created by either Helen and Olivia Rosetti or Olive Garnett (the source isn’t super clear) to describe the social circles in which Wilfred Voynich (of the Voynich manuscript fame) and his wife Ethel traveled. Their friend circle was known for being “a lively, creative, occasionally comical mixture of English upper-middle-class liberalism and Russian revolutionary socialism.”

And no, I’m not particularly fond of tea (I prefer coffee) and don’t really have the energy anymore to think about anarchy. So we’re just starting off with a whole buncha disappointments, aren’t we? Sorry about that.

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