Halloween costumes always feel like an afterthought for me…suddenly I’m scrambling last minute on Amazon for a costume I can piece together quickly. I look around and quickly lament the fact that I didn’t just plan out and DIY my Halloween costumes. I feel like planning some effort around things could actually make a difference between “meh” and “whoa!”

Last year, I ended up piecing together a pop art costume using this wig which lives on Mabel, my mannequin for the vintage jewelry line, an eyeshadow palette, and one of my most favorite dresses. It didn’t turn out too bad if I do say so myself:

Pop Art DIY Costume:

DIY Halloween Costumes
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No more! This year I am going to be organized! Like an adult!

Except that costumes for Halloween get ridiculously expensive. Like weddings, it’s a niche that companies know they can charge a premium for (even if their product is less than). So rather than throwing your money in a dumpster, I’ve asked some other far more talented bloggers to share their favorite DIY Halloween costume ideas with you, including costumes for couples, kids, pregnant moms, and even pets! Check it out:

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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